Installation Instructions

RMCO Front Turn Signal Relocation Kit for '19-'20 Indian FTR1200

Relocation Kit Includes:
⦁ One(1) assembled part, complete with: two amber LED lights(universal 12V applications), wiring harnesses, and a mounting bracket
⦁ Two(2) zip ties

Tools Needed for Kit Installation:
⦁ 10mm wrench or socket
⦁ 5mm long allen key
⦁ 8mm socket
⦁ 8mm open end wrench
⦁ Small flat blade screwdriver
⦁ Wire cutters

Kit Installation Instructions:
1. Remove the headlight bezel and disconnect the turn signal connectors. Remove the front turn signals.
2. Remove the 10mm bolt from the front brake junction(located under the lower triple tree).
3. Sandwich the lighting bracket between the lower triple tree and brake line junction block. Re-install the 10mm bolt.
4. Route the wires from the lighting bracket behind the headlight and up towards the upper triple tree.
5. Plug the new turn signal lights into the corresponding connectors.
6. Secure the wires with the supplied zip ties.
7. Remove the old turn signals from the mounting bracket.
8. Re-install the headlight bezel and mounting bracket to the triple tree.
9. Adjust the new signals accordingly.


I won't take my bike anywhere else. After it was stolen and recovered I seriously thought about selling my bike but the guys here bent over backwards to make sure that it was fixed and fixed right.
Trevor T, Bremerton, WA